A JT Brand Ambassador is a strong leader within her community, excited about fashion and, of course, passionate about JT Carpet Bag!

* She will inspire her peers to be the best version of themselves and represent JT Carpet Bag in a positive manner. She will also create memorable moments that will last a lifetime with JT Carpet Bag community online & offline

* Increase social awareness of JT Carpet Bag posting on your own social media at least 3-5 times per week - Social media outlets include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Periscope, Vine.

* Be a contributing writer to the JT Website blog. Also, if you have a blog, post an article in regards to some aspect of the JT Brand monthly!

* Help to identify & become involved with local retail outlets, pop ups & events in your area.

* Be an active member of the JT Brand Ambassador community and network with the future of talented, young leaders in the fashion industry.

* Based on each unique individual's sector and expertise, we are open to collaborate and support other activities/promos that will showcase and engage people with our products:

Photo Shoots
Runway Shows
Special Events

We are looking for unique, standout personalities in major US & International fashion forward cities, preferably with a loyal and growing social media following!

For More Info on our BA Program & Benefits,
Submit your Portfolio/Resume, Blogs & Links to:


JT Interns are super talented and passionate! Interns are involved in day to day aspects of the business, brand awareness and special projects. Some experience in the industry, social media, web, mobile & other tools is preferred, but, we are willing to train and mentor the right individuals - reliability, creativity & personality are key!

Flexible days/hours in our Downtown Los Angeles office with a positive work environment, free parking and/or option to work remotely-telecommute. We offer special perks & incentives. Also, there's definite room for a quick transition into a permanent paid position!

Social Media
Create & post fresh, exciting, fun, engaging content via stories, images & video on
* JT Website, Fashion & Lifestyle Blogs
* Polyvore, Pinterest, Custom Style Boards
* Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
* Snapchat, Periscope & YouTube

Sales & Marketing
* Online Store Management - JT Website, eBay, Etsy, Amazon
* E-mail Blasts & List Management - Constant Contact, Mail Chimp
* Ad Campaigns - Facebook & Other Online Sites

Photography & Video
* Analog & Digital Photography - via Camera or SmartPhone

Graphics & Design
* Adobe, Illustrator

Submit your Portfolio/Resume to:

Let us know which of the above reflects your area(s) of interest and talent. Don't forget any social media links or anything else to let us know how unique you are!